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Regan Tetlow

TV Presenter. Actor. Skydiver. Voiceover.

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Regan Tetlow

TV Presenter, Actor, Skydiver, Voiceover

Meet our extraordinary TV presenter, Sports MC, actor, voiceover artist, and skydiver with an impressive career spanning over 30 years. With over 9000 skydives under their belt, he is a seasoned skydiver and has served as the anchor and main presenter for various prestigious events worldwide with over 5000 hours of live presenting experience, including many FAI championships like Mondial Dubai 2012, The World Games Cali Columbia 2013, World Games Poland 2017, and World Games USA 2022.

As a master of ceremonies, he have graced events like the Parachute Industry Awards in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Charlewars Indoor Skydiving Championships, Windgames Indoor Skydiving Championships in Spain, and the Vector Festival Film Awards. Their involvement in live events has been equally impressive, including the King of Swoop competition, Air Games at Charleswar 2014, SunPath Canopy Piloting Open North Carolina 2014, and the Swoop Freestyle Championships in Copenhagen, San Diego and Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He has been the anchor and main presenter for every indoor skydiving world championships since the first one in 2017. Plus the Dubai International parachuting championships, which is a yearly event from 2010 onwards.



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